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CV Format


* Personal Information
* Educational Qualification
* Other Qualifications (Tertiary Education)
* Work Experience
* Skills & Abilities
* References
* Mission Statement

Personal Information
Surname, First Name, Residential Address, Postal Address, Date of Birth, Identity Number or Passport Number, Marital Status, Gender, Nationality, Languages (Spoken/Written/Understood), Health Status, Criminal Records, Email Address, Phone Number or Mobile/Cell Number (include international dialling code).

Educational Qualification
School Attended, Highest Standard Passed, Year Completed, Subjects Passed, Certificate Obtained.

Other Qualifications (Tertiary Education)
Name of Institution Course, Year Attended, Qualification Attained. List all your Qualifications in this section. Here you can include all your education, even certificates from Academic Institutions especially those are related to the job vacancy.

Work Experience
Name of Company (start with the most recent company), Position Held, Period of Service, Job Description in Detail.

Skills & Abilities
Computer Skills (include title of software package and proficiency level), General Comments on Interests and Abilities and Strengths.

References available on Request. If you have references, that you are willing to provide, first ask people if they are willing to serve as reference before you give their names to a potential employer. Name and Surname of reference, Contact Number, Position held in Company.

Mission Statement

“I am not scared of work and eager to learn as much as possible. I adapt very quickly to a new working environment and get along with most people. I believe that I am more efficient when working under pressure and get things done fast and affectively. I also find working with people from different cultures and at corporate levels a challenge and it inspires me to do my best in my daily duties. The more responsibilities I have the better I function. Also believe in helping and asking for help when matters arise. I am always searching for new ideas to improve any working environment. My work is my passion. In the right working environment I live to work.” My goal in life is to succeed and to do the best in whatever I do., therefore my willingness and eagerness to learn and go the extra mile proceeds me. My ability to work hard shows that I take new challenges head on.