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How it works

C.V.s of suitable Candidates to be forwarded to Career Marketing International for assessment, thereafter Career Marketing International will update C.V. and then forward C.V. to Marketing Company Abroad to receive a positive response and further processing.

Registration Forms for Employment, Portfolio Promotions And Placements will be forwarded to Career Marketing International, to be relayed to Applicant for approval. Applicants need to post forms together with a colour passport photo for advertising purposes and placement procedures.

Registration forms will consist of the following details:-

  1. Placement Offer and Reference Number.
  2. Country Required.
  3. Position Required.
  4. Salary Structure.
  5. Employment Duration.
  6. Approximate Date of Employment.
  7. Postal and Residential Address.
  8. Cellular Number and Email Address.

Once Registration forms are sent to Marketing Company Abroad, it takes +- 4 weeks for job files to be forwarded to candidate. Candidates need to contact company for interviews via FreeCall VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) issued by Marketing Company Abroad for communication purposes and placement procedures.

Visas, Work Permits, Accomodation, Air tickets to be discussed with company concerned in Job Files. Candidates needs to communicate with company Abroad to finalise the placement procedure via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It is entirely up to the Candidate to pursue the job offered and finalise all necessary documentation.

To receive a positive response from abroad is very costly and time consuming, therefore our company is here to assist you in marketing your C.V. abroad. Please be advised that our company is not a Recruiting agency but purely a Linking agency.

Bear in mind, that everyones dream is to work Abroad and that is possible through Career Marketing International because we will try our utmost best to get a positive response for you from Abroad.

Last, but not least, we are here to link you Abroad. Please do not hesitate to try our company for a positive response from Abroad….

Assuring you of our Commitment to Quality Service and Satisfaction. We are committed to strengthening our leadership position in Career Marketing of your C.V. Abroad through total quality service by saving you time, saving you money and putting you first. We are always willing to guide you through the whole process and advising you step by step.

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